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Day Eight May 15….My first Spanish Soccer Game and some Chinese food

Dias ocho was moving day yet again, and we moved back to Madrid, the funny part of the morning getting all 30 of us into cabs and get to the train station, its always fun to see organized chaos lol especially when it involves 28 girls lol

Train ride uneventful, we played cards, joked around and did some homework

Once we got back to Mediodia, which we started to consider home lol cause it the second time we were staying in the same part of Madrid. It was very cool to see familiar things lol so after a quick nap and a shower I met up with my team for our experiential project, we finally got our idea focusing on how status and class are related to what type of restaurants and grocery stores are located in certain neighborhood…well thats the best way I can explain it right now lol more on that later

After our meeting I went with Lisa and Dawn to pick up SOCCER TICKETS lol I was really excited about going to this game even if they teams playing were in the B league lol. On the way back we stopped at a Chinese restaurant yes lol I broke some much for always each something new everyday lol but I need something different then Spanish food and what better then some good Chinese Food, so what I had was (1) a coconut spicy soup sort of like a Thai soup but with some ginger in it, really good (2) a plate of daily sushi which end it up being some regular tuna nothing special but it was good (3) and the last a simple noodle stir fry not the best Chinese/Asian (cause sushi aint really Chinese lol) food ever but after so much bread, potatoes and jamon, this meal was a blessing lol

So around 5 pm a group of 12 left to the stadium, the streets were packed lol so much people it was so fun we drank so much beer and it was so fun, the girls and I ended up drawing red lines all over our faces to show support lol

The walk home was 11 drunk people and Lisa, that was funny too lol we stopped at the McDonalds (I know I know but even I need some junk food once in a while lol) stayed up until like 3 am then to bed

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Day Seven May 14….Olive Oil & A Night Off

So dia siete was the first morning in a while any of us had to wake up really early; Sean and I, the only boys on the whole trip were the last to get to breakfast (which actually turned out to be a good thing later), so back to breakfast and yes again we had bread and my favorite jam…peach (side note I am allergic to peaches, apricots, and nectarines), so all i had was bread lol.

So after breakfast we all go into a bus and we drove to the town of Baene, where we went to visit an olive oil press. the bus ride to the town was enjoyable, I got to see a lot of olive fields along the ways and bond with my travel mates. There was a problem with the bus ride lol so because of the terrain of the region of Andalusia where Baena is located, the bus had to take a lot of turns, so a lot of people got motion sickness…more on that later.

So we got to the olive press and we did our usual little tour, where we saw all about how to make olive oil, from the picking of the olive to how it crushed and bottled, its basically the same process for making wine without the fermentation step.

Now brunch at the olive press was the best, its was so good, simple food with simple flavor, everything cooked or flavor with olive oil, the meals was served Russian style, so what we had to chose from was eggs, prosciutto, olives, tomatoes, salted cod, cheese, and my favorite item bread lol so after some nice wine and great food we went off to buy some olive oil, I bought some olive oil for my mom.

so back to the motion sickness problem, so of course now that we are done with the olive press we have to go back to Cordoba but that means going back to the bus, so off Lisa and I went to try and find some medicine, turns out that day Baena had a festival going on and their patron saint was going around town in a parade, its was kinda cool randomly running into a parade, so yeah at the end motion sickness cured! lol

Once we got back to the hotel. we had a class about slow food, which is not food that moves slows but it is kinda the opposite of fast food lol pretty good class. Afterwards Sarah F, Brit and I went out with Maia to do some research and shop, I bought some gifts and afterwards Sarah, Brit and I went to an early dinner we had a three dishs to share (1) a potato salad, which reminded me a lot of a salad from Venezuela, (2) some calamari because well I needed something familiar for once lol, and (3) some marinated mushrooms which were freaking awesome and of course bread lol

The night was a free night, we walked around Cordoba and drank a little

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